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If you wind up as the last ones on the dance floor after a groovy evening, it may be because love is in the air… It became musical love… Divine Symmetry is Betty Pietersz (vocals) and Roma Long (bass), both descendants of known musicians in the worlds of salsa and jazz... These roots are present in their music but are mainly expressed as an inventive combination of funk, pop and soul… Sensitive and powerful, original and recognizable, subtle and rhythmic… This duo makes you dance to the fullest as well as come home to the softer places in yourself.

Their love for music, passion for social empowerment and spirituality, and exploration of shared ancestral roots binds them and inspires their work.They believe that in order to create, there must be an acknowledgement of the Greater Source within, and that remembering this enables them to use their talents and express their love through music.

Betty and Roma have a lot of experience in their respective fields of performing and collaborating with various musicians, projects and making studio recordings. They enjoy writing songs and arranging and composing original music. 

Betty Pietersz

Betty comes from a musical family; her musical career started in her father's salsa band; 'Unisono Dos'. In the same period she started her education at the Rotterdam Conservatory, where a world of musical inspiration and influences opened up for her in a spectacular way .She owes her career to her idiosyncratic choice of music styles and musical projects. This choice is based on the atmosphere, the story behind each song, a 'catchy' melody, the rhythm and timing… Elements that are an extension of her own personality and the message she wants to convey to the audience. Betty writes songs, and loves acting and modeling work. Her voice is said to be as warm as terra cotta; soulful, clear, poetic and powerful. Her musical "heroes" are Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell, Betty Carter, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Ruben Blades, Celia Cruz, Sonora Ponceña… just to name a few. 

Roma Long

Roma comes from a family of jazz musicians and is interested in the phenomenon of co-creation and how higher and deeper wisdom can manifest in social and artistic projects. In his teens and twenties he played in several bands that created original music. Originally self-taught, he studied bass guitar in Nashville in his thirties with world-renowned musicians such as Victor Wooten, who also happen to be mystics. He spent five years touring in the Netherlands with one of the most successful cover bands at the time, alongside the first Dutch artist to be signed to Motown Records.  Lately he has spent more time composing, arranging and producing music and loves listening to a wide variety of musical genres.


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